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Colorado Gross Conservation Easement
December 1st, 2007 6:00 PM
The Gross Conservation Easement for Colorado land owners became available  in January 2000.  A definition of the easement is a right of the owner of the easement to prohibit certain acts, with respect to the property in order to maintain the property in a manner that will preserve value for recreation, education, habitat, open space or historical importance. This is the definition  and the purpose of the easement but surprisingly has been misused to benefit  the land owners with tax breaks and credits with inflated land values. I believe more information, education and perhaps training should have been available to appraisers. The first course I saw related to Conservation Easements was offered this year. Appraisers need to be up to date on new Colorado programs, acts and initiatives that directly involve us. Every appraiser should have had some correspondence via email or letter with education available.

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